Giving health - priceless
Christmas Presents
Useful and high-quality gifts for family and friends
Choose your present which help you:
Extend life, Boost immunity, Strengthens the heart, Restore joint function
Clarity of Mind
Lipid metabolic Tea10 p
Calcium with lecithin 1b
Fos Syrup 1b
  • Improve memory
  • Balance metabolism
Healthy Heart
Lipid metabolic tea
Calcium with lecitin
Fos syrup
CoQ10 with Quercetin

  • Clean blood vessels
  • Strengthens the heart
Lightness after the Feast
Lipid Metabolic Tea - 10 p
Fos Syrup - 1 b
  • Detox after overeating

      After Holidays
      Lipid MetabolicTea - 1 b
      Vigor Shot (Vitamin С) - 1 b
      Fizzy forte - 1 b
      • Anti- hangover effect, body restoration

            Home Doctor
            Multi-Functional Head Care Apparatus
            • Balance blood pressure, relieve any pain in the body
            • Improve memory, prevent cardio-vascular diseases, prevent hair lost

            Natural products based on Tibetan and Japanese beauty formulas
            Is it possible to look 10 years younger?
            Yes, with our presents it is possible!
            Secrets of oriental beauties in gift wrapping
            Ladies Dream
            Beauty Duo
            Celles Tiane – 1 Cream Celles
            • Heals the female vody
            • Moisturizes the skin
              Velvet Skin
              Cleansing milk Celles
              Glow Collagen shot
              • Clean the skin
              • Make skin elastic

                Magic Power for Woman
                Magic T-Energy Bracelet
                • Regulate and balance the currents of negative and positive ions in the human body
                • Improve metabolism
                • Stimulate biochemical processes

                    Beauty Salon at home
                    1 Cilvaris La Beaute Secrete Portable App
                    • The effect of wrinkles reduction, improve skin relaxation
                    • And aging, lifting, rejuvenation, V- shapes face

                      Stop giving men socks...
                      It's time to take care of the strong half of your family
                      Male Power
                      Fizzy forte - 1p
                      Zink - 1 p
                      Calcium enhanced formula 5 p
                      • Energy H
                      • Harmony
                      • Power
                      • Sexuality

                          Healthy Man
                          Fizzy forte - 1 p
                          SuperCalcium - 5 p
                          Relieves stress and cramps

                              Morning Cheerfullness
                              Lypid Metabolic Tea-1b
                              Vivacity and energy boost for the day
                                Magic Energy for Man
                                Magnetic Bracelet
                                • Regulate and balance the currents of negative and positive ions in the human body
                                • Improve metabolismS
                                • Stimulate biochemical processes

                                  Eco-friendly gifts for a healthy atmosphere in your home, office. apartment
                                  What do you need to quickly recover and relax at home?
                                  Clear air, Delicious spring food, No Dust or Allergen
                                  Clean Bed
                                  UV Vacuum Cleaner
                                  • Kills up to 99,9% of bacteria, mites and others allergens in your interiors
                                    Eco Products
                                    Fruit and vegetables Purifier
                                    • Remove food contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria, other harmful substances
                                      Fresh products in your Fridge
                                      Multi-Functional Fridge Purifier
                                      • Freshness of the Aline
                                      • Removing unpleasant Odors
                                      • No viruses and bacterises

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                                          • Natural product of high quality
                                          • More than 25 years on the global market
                                          • Unique specialists with many years of experience
                                          • Thousands reviews from satisfied clients
                                          • We use this product ourselves and give it for our family
                                          • Safely
                                          • Eco-friendly
                                          • For every taste and budget
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                                            You can choose a ready-made gift or create a unique one
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                                            Delivery throughout the UK and Europe
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                                            Experienced specialists
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